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A beautiful way to portray your loved ones remains after they have passed on is to put them in a beautifully hand crafted wooden casket. Choosing a casket is a very emotional and personal decision. Our classic elegant wood caskets are the traditional and popular choice for many. Grand Caskets have been in casket manufacturing business for over 17 years as one of the top producers of solid wood caskets in Europe. Grand Caskets products are sold and shipped to Germany, Poland, Austria, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine. We have four distribution centers and showrooms ready to take orders and make deliveries nationally.

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Orthodox Caskets

All of the caskets in Grand Casket company’s Jewish Orthodox line are made in accordance with Jewish law. Grand Caskets manufacturing, is counseled by a rabbi to ensure that our orthodox caskets meet Orthodox Jewish standards. Wooden dowels are used instead of nails or screws. Our orthodox wooden caskets can be made with partial metal or no metal construction, including handles. It is possible that no metal at all is incorporated in caskets during their production. Our orthodox caskets are put together with wooden pegs. Our glue is vegetable-based and not animal-based. Orthodox caskets have several holes drilled in the bottom to hasten decomposition. The caskets are not manufactured on the Sabbath. The entire casket is biodegradable, so only natural materials are used in the interiors. A special type of wood-wool bed can be made and installed in the manufacture of orthodox caskets.

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